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What is a Foodheaux?

What is a Foodheaux?

My entire life has revolved around food. That is what happens when you are raised by foreign grandmothers. One from Naples, Italy and the other from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Pizza, meatballs, pasta Fagioli, arroz con gondules, and sancocho were on rotation in my stomach. When kids brought bologna to school I opened up my oil-stained paper bag and unwrapped a gigantic sandwich filled with salami, a hunk of mozzarella and a smattering of marinated artichokes smashed together on a bread roll. It wasn’t until my family moved to the suburbs when I was in high school that I tried fast food (outside of a McDonald’s happy meal) for the first time.

Now, years later, cooking is my outlet. Throwing dinner parties is my passion. Restaurants are where I invest my expendable income. Can I ever retire? Nah. But that money I could have used to buy a house in Arizona has afforded me some pretty fucking amazing meals in cities around the world.

One day it dawned on me, “Are there other people out there like me who take pictures of everything they put into their mouths for an Instastory?”. That is when I decided to start a book club…for food. Sure, I like reading but I like eating way more. So, I got in touch with a few girlfriends who I knew shared my passion for ordering entire menus and subsequently documenting it.

The premise, like a book club, was for all of us take turns choosing places – hot spot, hidden gem, whatever – that none of us had been before in and around NYC.

The rules were simple.

  1. Commit to a day/time (no flaking).
  2. Take as many pictures as your heart desires when the food arrives.
  3. Erotically comment on every morsel and gossip about life.
  4. Drink a lot of wine.
  5. Recount each moment via food porn texts to each other the next day.
  6. Repeat.

They were all in. That’s when the term Foodheaux was born.

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Want to know if you’re Foodheax? Here are the signs:

  • Read menus for fun
  • Take pictures of your Bacon, Egg, and Cheese from the deli even if it’s ugly
  • Brought home a doggy bag because you know you’re going to want to experience this feeling again tomorrow
  • Have eaten one entire pizza by yourself
  • Postmated food from multiple locations in one night

If two or more of these sound like you, you are indeed a Foodheaux and I urge you to seek out three friends and form your own book club…for food.

Click here to listen to us chat about how awesome this experience has been for us over the past two years of foodie adventures on the “A Single Serving” podcast episode, “We ate brains”.

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