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Monica Dimperio walking in front of a red barn house in Woodstock, NY

The Catskills ⛰ Woodstock, NY is the perfect place to unwind and recharge. I’ve already grown my own dreadlocks. Ate + drank my way down Tinker St.


Woodstock Way
Woodstock Way living room with olive green couch and artwork of a musician


Hotel Dylan
Hotel Dylan bedroom with a desk faced towards a window



Twin Gables

Twin Gables double full beds; Hotel bedroom
Because we booked so last minute the only affordable accommodations were at a B and B (like a real one without the Air- attached). Obviously, we were hoping for a super-chic instagrammable moment with modern decor but we ended up in a Victorian mansion that, from the pictures, looked like Vera Bradley was hired to design in 1981. Despite our differences in aesthetics, the Twin Gables FAR superseded our initial expectations. The location made it easy to get to EVERYTHING, it was clean AF, and the staff was friendly. Did we have to use a common bathroom – sure. We weren’t there much so it didn’t really matter.



Shop Tinker Street

Tinker Street shop merchandise



 Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Retreat Center



Overlook Mountain




The Mud Club

The Mud Club breakfast sandwich

Ate a melt in your mouth, wood-fired bagel every day of my trip ✔Tinker Tuesday ✔Lox & Shout. Will be back for the rest.

Tinker Taco Lab

Tinker Taco Lab tacos

Pastor, Lengua, and Chorizo. Yes, yes, yes. With a side of Mezcal.



See Also
Monica Dimperio sitting on a wooden fence with a fun smile; she has long blonde hair tied back by a black and white head tie; her hair is flowing in the wind; she is wearing an olive patagonia fleece with blue jeans and black chelsea boots; the background shows the mountains of Boulder; the mountains are gray colored with green pine trees and little bit of snow

Chicken Parm the size of a newborn baby. Worth a 2hr drive just for this dish.


Early Terrible

Early Terrible glass of dark wine
A little cabin in the woods but on Tinker St. Bottles of wine start at $30. I’ll take 4 to drink next to the woodburning stove on a tufted leather sofa under the horse skulls.


Silvia bread, oysters, and cocktail

The decor, cocktails, and butter (that I eventually licked completely off this plate) are everything

Woodstock Brewing

Woodstock Brewing jug of beer; two cups of beer on either side of the jug

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