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Talking Honestly with Celeste Perez of Droplet Adaptogenic Beverages

Talking Honestly with Celeste Perez of Droplet Adaptogenic Beverages

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Where do you live? What is your favorite part about living in that city? I’m running the hustle out of Los Angeles! I grew up here and, even after traveling around the world, I think no other city in the world could be so perfectly suited to all the dreams and wishes I have for myself. Whether it was music, business, or wellness, we’ve got it all and we’ve also got sunshine.

What is your zodiac sign? Aries Sun – Libra Rising, no apologies, lots of glitter.

What do you do? What made you start your business? I’m the founder of Droplet a line of sparkling adaptogens drinks— after years of running my own branding studio, (and being stressed AF all the time), I finally decided to focus on my health and create something for myself. I’d been taking adaptogens daily and hating it (everything out there tastes like mushroom juice!), but the results were real and life-changing for me. Adaptogens are herbs and botanicals that help the body regulate its response to stress, and believe me, I was stressed all the way out back then. I searched far and wide for a way to take adaptogens in a wholesome, delicious way and when I couldn’t find it, the lightbulb came on. My brain was like, “hey remember, you’re a brand designer?” It became clear that if I didn’t make Droplet, so many women would never know stress relief and balance.

How did you come up with the name of your business? We came up with the name Droplet after a big corporation decided our original brand name may be worth suing us over 😅. My immigrant parents taught me all the best money-saving tips and getting into a lawsuit wasn’t one of them! But Droplet ties in beautifully with our original intention. In Filipino folklore, the dewdrops were thought to be the healing tears of the health goddess, Dalikamata. If you drank them, you’d find relief. We thought it was a beautiful legacy, especially being Filipino-American ourselves.

First job? Remedial 2nd Grade Summer School TA! Those kids were my soul animals.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? A singing Doctor with a product line 😬

Do you have a mentor? I have a village!

Morning routine / Night routine I got the wind-down down now! Basically, I’ll pour myself a droplet to regulate EOD stress, then I’ll indulge in a 12-step K-beauty routine and make sure I smell great before putting myself in between these sheets we bought from one of our favorite hotels.

Favorite self-care tool –  Right now, it’s a Himalayan Sea Salt Ball! You can warm it up and use it to work out any kinks. I hold a lot of stress in my shoulders, so it’s perfect for releasing tension there. They were so awesome, we added them to our Immunity Kits.

Beauty product you can’t live without… Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask! The only thing that has ever helped these Accutane-ravaged kissers.

Give your best travel tip… bring a power strip! Lord knows there are never enough ports for all the things.

A mantra to live by…  “Nothing is perfect. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is personal.”

Crystals –  Which one is your fave? I always carry citrine, selenite, and rose quartz! Citrine for abundance, selenite for clear energy, and rose quartz to bring you more of what you love. If we have a big meeting, you can be sure this trio is in the room somewhere.

An astrologer whose readings you live by… our resident astrologer, Charm Torres! She’s so insightful and really had me believing when she predicted lockdown last year, haha. I am always shook when I read her horoscopes. She’s also a big BTS resource, for any Army fans!


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