Fruity Fashion Picks That Got Us Feelin’ All Ripe
July 10, 2019

Fruity Fashion Picks That Got Us Feelin’ All Ripe

If you’ve noticed tropical flair everywhere lately you’re not just daydreaming of your next vacation. The fruity fashion trend is alive and growing. Last summer it started with Instagram Influencers injecting whole pineapples and half-eaten oranges into their feeds. Less than a year later, produce-mania has spread to our closets but we’re not mad about it.

From delicious bold prints to refreshing beaded bags, girls everywhere are sporting this mouthwatering style. 

If your closet is in desperate need of some fresh-picked goodness for the warm months ahead scroll down to see our favorite Whole Foods-chic pieces. All are best paired with sunshine and a glass of Rose.

GUCCI Denim skirt with Gucci Strawberry

GUCCI Denim skirt with Gucci Strawberry, ($1,300)

Susan Alexandra Ma Cherie Beaded Cherry-Applique Tote, ($385)

3.1 Phillip Lim Women’s Slim-Fit Cherry Print Silk Pants, ($198.10)

Lisa Says Gah UO Exclusive Rosa Button-Down Cropped Tank Top, ($99)

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