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Your New Booty Routine

Your New Booty Routine

Bawdy Beauty, the original butt sheet mask, is the very first beauty brand to focus on true beautification of butt skin. Just as you can depuff your undereye bags with a quick 20-minute pack of stick-on patches from K-Town now you can do the same for your ass.

Enter your new booty routine!

Founder, Sylwia Wiesenberg’s goal with Bawdy Beauty is to make your butt look and feel as beautiful as your face. That’s why her masks promise everything from hydrating + toning to brightening + rejuvenating.

She’s definitely on to something. For as much as we use our bums to sit comfortably, walk upright, and, honestly, just look hot as hell in jeans, booties do not get nearly enough love.

Before releasing her butt masks, Sylwia tested different ingredients daily on her own butt for years to see the results. She always practiced a beauty routine that incorporated her bottom half. Whatever went on her face went on her butt. Sylwia says, “I think my butt looks better than my face now!”

We asked her more about how Bawdy Beauty came to life and why we all should start incorporating a booty routine into our beauty regimen.

Sylwia Wiesenberg
Founder, Sylwia Wiesenberg’s goal with Bawdy Beauty is to make your butt look and feel as beautiful as your face.

What inspired the creation of the brand?

My eternal love and obsession for butts and the thought that butts were the most neglected part of the body by the beauty industry in a time when we constantly celebrate butts. They are also the biggest and strongest muscle in the body (and most unique to every person).

Notice the very first thing you do in the changing room after putting jeans or a bikini on. Most likely you turn and check out your butt!

So, I thought to be the beauty industry disrupter and bring to life a brand new category. #buttisthenewface

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What makes Bawdy Beauty butt masks special?

We are a vegan, clean beauty brand, and our formulations are potent and results-driven. Instead of telling women/men that they have cellulite or stretch marks which cannot be fixed by applying any beauty products we focus on improving skin quality, its firmness and tightness, clarity and glow and we celebrate women/men and their individuality.

How did you come up with the name?

The name BAWDY came from the way I pronounce the word BODY, apparently, when I say it, it sounds like BAWDY… and bawdy definitely matches my personality and the brand.

Grab a handful and try for yourself at The masks come in cheeky varietals including Bite It, Squeeze It, Shake It, and Slap It.

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