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Neon Green is Trending

Neon Green is Trending

skinny millennial woman wearing a white suit under a neon green trendy blazer

I’ve been a part of the neon green trend not once but twice and I’m here to go for it a third time.

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s the color was as much as a part of my wardrobe essentials as black is to New Yorkers. There was a mini-resurgence during my hipster years in the mid-aughts when American Apparel was perma-mood so I had a few pieces.

Fast forward 10 years to today and every street style star, celeb, and supermodel of the moment is wearing the hue, specifically alien slime neon green. Like Kendall Jenner who was spotted pairing a flirty highlighter-green top with matching eyeshadow and Bella Hadid who offset a fluorescent vest with head-to-toe white

Hailey Beiber; young millennial woman sporting a neon green; alien slime t-shirt and sweatpants

That’s because the Hailey Bieber demographic can pull off anything. Admittedly, it’s slightly intimidating as an elder millennial like myself to wear trends we’ve been through multiple times.

Though, there is something about this time that feels like I could pull off the neon green trend without looking like a highlighter. #igotthis…finally

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the legs and feet of a millenial woman wearing a snakeskin dress and strap-on brown shoes; morning meeting outfit

I think the key in our age group (let’s say 30+) is using just a pop in an all-neutral palette. Neon with neutral is my (and a Kardashian fave). My suggestion for easily adding in a pop is inserting a bag here, a tank under a blazer there.

If you’re down for the attention it’s bound to bring then I say go full force and live your best bright life!

Below, shop 9 super-hued neon green trend pieces to brighten up your wardrobe now.

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