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#SquadSays: This is Where to Buy Affordable Art

#SquadSays: This is Where to Buy Affordable Art

Decorating an apartment or home seems like a neverending activity. Is it ever really done? I know this as I’ve been in my apartment for 6 years, my longest New York City relationship to date.

Throughout this time in my West Village studio, I’ve gone from all-white no personality Ikea laminate to Urban Outfitters clearance rack boho festival throwup and whatever else I could pick up in between.

The one constant has always been my artwork. I had pieces shipped from my old apartment in Chicago that I just can’t and will never part with. Now, as I start to have a bigger design budget, a grasp on my “adult” style, and feel like New York City is really my HOME (yes, it took almost a decade!) I feel like it’s time to add on to my budding collection but where to start?

To get some ideas on where to go we hit up our #squad for their top picks. Read ahead for a great list of for where to buy affordable art online and off for $500 and under.

Silka Weiss

? Interior Designer, @SilkaWeissDesign
? Brooklyn, NY
? I love Saatchi art- unique art from all around the world direct from the artists themselves. They have vintage options as well. And many different styles and mediums.  Uprise art- more curated, current art. A lot of clean and modern looks. Prints with sayings and graphics. Another great art place is Anthropologie.  They are constantly changing their stock and offer more romantic and bohemian options.
⛱ xxx

Jen Talbot

? Interior Designer, @JenTalbotDesign
? Chicago, IL
? Etsy, Instagram, and Local MFA thesis shows
⛱ xxx

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[PIC] ? xxx, @xxx
? Los Angeles, CA
? xxx
⛱ xxx

Monica Dimperio

[PIC] ? Founder of Hashtag Lifestyle, @MonicaDimperio
?New York, NY
? xxx
⛱ I bought a Havenly Mini package to help me reign in all the ideas I have into one cohesive concept. Through that process, I learned about how many places there are online now to source independent artist’s work on a budget.

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