#SquadSays: These are the Best Spots to Sweat in NYC
September 5, 2019

#SquadSays: These are the Best Spots to Sweat in NYC


We tapped our fittest #squad members to give us an inside look at the best spots to sweat in NYC. They came through with recommendations far beyond your average workout classes. Chime in the comments with some of your faves.

Emily Dempsey

Fashion Exec & Health/Fitness Content Creator, @detox2retox
AKT Bands Classes
Prepare to sweat like never before in this interval training class where cardio and strength training come together as you switch off between bands and a box. The studio is rooted in spreading positive energy so the good vibes you leave with are an extra perk.

Carly Hill

Social Media Manager & Blogger, @carlyahill
DanceBody Cardio and Sculpt classes
This studio is ALWAYS a fun time! Keep up the hard work and you’ll love the results – long lean lines.

Michelle Ridgely

Attorney & Fitness Class Connoisseur, @registrationrequired
The Ness
Bounce it up at this beautiful studio in NYC’s xxx neighborhood. They have great classes, instructors, and vibes.

Monica Dimperio

Founder of Hashtag Lifestyle, @monicadimperio
Overthrow New York
If you hate cardio but know you need a kick-ass work to add to your sculpting routine sign up for their Burnout Class. The music is awesome and it’s so fast-paced you forget you’re doing burpees. Bonus: Hitting the bag is a HUGE stress reliever.

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