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Monica Dimperio sitting on a wooden fence with a fun smile; she has long blonde hair tied back by a black and white head tie; her hair is flowing in the wind; she is wearing an olive patagonia fleece with blue jeans and black chelsea boots; the background shows the mountains of Boulder; the mountains are gray colored with green pine trees and little bit of snow

Suburu, Patagonia fleece, astrology, dog friendly, 300 days of sunshine, “love the mountains”, elevation, high real estate prices


Hotel Boulderado


St. Julien


Hike Chautauqua Trail a popular 1.2 mile trail located that features beautiful wildflowers and is good for all skill levels. It’s the first “in-trail” that leads to many other harder hikes like the Royal Arch and the Flat Irons.

Amana Yoga

Weed at Native Roots

Shop Cedar & Hyde, jones and co

boulder tea house


Breakfast at Wonder
Brunch santo
Lunch st Rosetta Market
Cocktails JUngle, no name bar
Dinner Pizzeria locale, Frasca food and wine,  Corrida, Basta
blackbelly (4.7), flagstaff house (4.7), oak (4.7)

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