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8 Inspiring Books for Women in Business and Budding Female Entrepreneurs

8 Inspiring Books for Women in Business and Budding Female Entrepreneurs

Self-education is incredibly powerful—it can truly pay off to read the stories and wisdom of entrepreneurs who are willing to share their knowledge. These inspiring books for women in business offer plenty of hard-won entrepreneurial advice or simply provide inspiration if you need to take action.

Women in business know that creating and sustaining a company is hard work. But even with knowing this, it can be easy to feel unprepared when faced with the very real difficulties of the job. This is even truer for budding female entrepreneurs, who might be breaking into this after a corporate career where the rules are very different.

Check out 8 Inspiring Books for Women in Business that have inspired me and tbht’s #squad of Female Entrepreneurs.


Girl Code Inspiring Books for Women in Business

Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur – Cara Alwill Leyba

A roadmap for female entrepreneurs, professional women, “side hustlers” (those with a day job plus a part-time small business), and any­one in between. This book won’t teach you how to build a multimillion-dollar company. It won’t teach you about systems or finance. But it will teach you how to build confidence in yourself, reconnect with your “why,” eradicate jealousy, and ultimately learn the power of connection. Because at the end of the day, that’s what life and business are all about.


Inspiring Books Radical Self Love Gala Darling

Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams – Gala Darling

Discover exactly what makes you so magnificent, and you’ll gain a litany of tools and techniques to help you manifest a life bursting with magic, miracles, bliss, and adventure! Featuring fun homework exercises and cool illustrations, this book will take you from learning to fall madly in love with yourself, to loving others, to making your world a more magical place through style, self-expression, and manifestation.


Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me This ShIt Before? A self help book by Marcella and Laura

Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before?: Wit and Wisdom from Women in Business – Marcella Allison + Laura Gale

The book you wish you had already read. A collection of more than 60 letters from female leaders of multimillion-dollar companies, solopreneurs, and every kind of woman in between, these stories are both a lifeline and a roadmap for women navigating our increasingly complex world.


The Multi-Hyphen Life; an inspiring novel by Emma Gannon

The Multi-Hyphen Life: Work Less, Create More, and Design a Life That Works for You – Emma Gannon

It doesn’t matter if you’re a part-time PA with a blog, or an accountant who runs an online store in the evenings—whatever your ratio, whatever your mixture, we can all channel our own entrepreneurial spirit to live more fulfilled and financially healthy lives.


Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk; an uplifting way to tell your story

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World – Gary Vaynerchuk
A blueprint to social media marketing strategies that really work. While communication is still key, context matters more than ever. It’s not just about developing high-quality content, but developing high-quality content perfectly adapted to specific social media platforms and mobile devices—content tailor-made for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr.


Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba; a helpful toolkit for women in business

Little Black Book – Otegha Uwagba
A Toolkit For Working Women is the modern career guide every creative woman needs, whether you’re just starting out or already have years of experience. Packed with fresh ideas and no-nonsense practical advice, this travel-sized career handbook is guaranteed to become your go-to resource when it comes to building the career you want.


Entrepreneurial You by Dorie Clark; an Inspiring Book for Women in Business

Entrepreneurial You: Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams, and Thrive – Dorie Clark
A blueprint for professional independence, with insights and advice on building your brand, monetizing your expertise, and extending your reach and impact online. In short, engaging chapters outline the necessary elements and concrete tactics for entrepreneurial success along with stories of entrepreneurs of all kinds – from consultants and coaches to podcasters, bloggers, and online marketers – who have generated six- and seven-figure incomes.


How to Style Your Brand by Fiona Humberstone; a motivating How to guide

How to Style Your Brand: Everything You Need to Know to Create a Distinctive Brand
The right brand identity has the power to attract, engage, and compel people to do business with you. But for many entrepreneurs, creating an effective brand can be a challenge. In this comprehensive workbook, branding expert Fiona Humberstone will walk you through the process of styling your brand. From finding your focus, creating an inspirational vision, and unlocking the power of color psychology; Fiona will help you understand the design details that will make your business irresistible. “How to Style Your Brand” will ensure you get your branding right, the first time.

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