HELLO. MY NAME ISMonica Dimperio

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tbh… is the media arm of Hashtag Lifestyle. Whether it involves style, food, travel, or wellness, the tbh… brand is risk-taking, insightful, confident, and ALWAYS honest. We’re realistic about life’s IRL moments in the internet era and want to help our readers, women 25-44, learn more about how to navigate it. That’s why you’ll see us connecting with the best of the best to give them the honest, sometimes blunt, low down of each and every topic.

At Hashtag Lifestyle, we work with female founders, budding entrepreneurs, and side hustlers to make their dreams into reality. On this site, we are putting a spotlight on them and other inspirational women who are turning their passions into their professions.

We’re not afraid to push the envelope or try new things, and we’re definitely down to laugh at ourselves every chance we get. To be honest tho… is the destination for x, x, and x. We’re the x your x warned you about, who you’re already secretly BFFs with.