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WTF is a Yoni Egg?

Yoni eggs are sensual tools that have been used to improve sexual health for centuries. Since ancient times these practices were used for improving physical and spiritual health.

They can come drilled with a hole for a pull string or not drilled. This is a completely personal preference – although there are reasons for each. A drilled yoni egg is helpful when attaching a string for advanced yoni egg practices. The string allows a weight to be attached for “vaginal weight-lifting”. First-time yoni egg users also love using the string for easy removal and ease of mind. All Chakrubs drilled yoni eggs come with a natural hemp string. ✨

Part of the practice is understanding how to release or “birth” the egg, developing an understanding of the full range of motion with your muscles. Your yoni will usually let you know when it is time to release the egg, and it is physically impossible for it to get lost inside of you, so don’t be intimated by trying this practice if it is your first time, even with a non-drilled egg. ✨

When used regularly, crystal yoni eggs are proven to help enhance vaginal health, tone pelvic floor muscles and bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime.

Why is having a strong pelvic floor so important? Your pelvic floor muscles are located between your tailbone and your pubic bone. They play an important role in supporting your bladder, uterus, and bowels as well as stabilizing your hip, pelvic and lower back joints (pretty important).

The muscles are also essential for helping you pee, have bowel movements and play a key role in your sexual health. During sex, they enable your vagina to have better control and when strong, contributing to increased pleasure and/or stronger orgasms. Having strong pelvic floor muscles is also crucial during pregnancy and labor as they help you push and can ultimately lead to an easier labor process.

Always remember to purchase your yoni eggs from trusted retailers – Chakrubs are certified with Gemological Institute of America (certificates available upon request), comes with beautiful pouches, instruction packet, and a selenite stone to keep nearby for energetic cleansing.

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