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Setting Intentions to Reach Your Business Goals

Setting Intentions to Reach Your Business Goals

These days we hear a lot about setting intentions. But, what exactly does that mean? It’s not exactly as woo woo as you might think and using this practice paired with clarity can be the driving force behind reaching your business and life goals.

First let’s look at the word, intention. It starts with intent. That means resolved or determined to do something. You are making a concrete decision on achievement. That can be landing your first big client, losing 10 pounds, or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. It can be anything but you have to get clear (aka find clarity) on what the goal or it will be harder to grasp it.

Why Set An Intention?

  • Gives you a path from where you are today and where you want to be in the future
  • Offers focus and motivation
  • Helps you make decisions on how to prioritize your time

Your intentions will change as you grow as your business evolves, but if you have a starting point and a road map, you can easily course correct. This isn’t just in business but in life. When starting a business a strategy is an essential first step. Doing it right from the start will save you a lot of time and frustration.

How to Clarify Your Intention

Getting clear on your intentions requires creating a safe space for your mind to play with an idea and explore any what-ifs that exist.

+Mind Mapping

Shaping your intention can feel messy, but creating a visual can help you see connections and make meaning. A mind map is powerful tool to visually and spatially capture ideas and feelings on paper so you can become clear about what really matters to you. Creating a physical space for your goals to live opens up the possibility to return to your ideas again and again to explore tangents, find inspiration that will reinvigorate goals that feel stale, or cross them out. Choose an intention you’d like to explore and create a mind map in a journal or online in Canva to play with the possibilities.

+“In order to”…

Use the words “in order to” after your intention. For example, let’s say that your intention is to lose weight post quarantine. This is a very broad intention. This can take four years and you might lose one pound. Instead of keeping it open, drill down into your intention – what, how, why – by finishing this phrase: “I want to become lose weight in order to …” You may find that completing the statement “in order to…” still leaves you with a broad statement. If that’s the case, simply repeat the exercise again and write the words “in order to…” after your new statement. Continue pushing yourself to complete the prompt “in order to…” until you hit the core of your intention. Here is a beautiful journal to hold your goals.


Instead of just visualization, consider incorporating visioning. This is when it gets a little more woo woo. Visioning – very different than making a vision board – is a self-exploration process that involves a combination of “soul searching” and meditation, and even incorporates improvisation techniques. Visioning is a process where your soul reveals your heart’s desires prompted by your subconscious and intuition. If you’re curious, use this powerful meditation with philosopher Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith to try it. From a space of awareness, that of unconditional love, this manifestation meditation will take you on a journey of self discovery. To manifest your destiny, it all starts with the following questions: What is the highest version of my life? What must I become? What is it that I must let go of?

Remember that setting intentions is a practice, not a one-off. Connecting daily with your intention is key to reaching your goals and, ultimately, embodying the feelings you want to feel.



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