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Exercise Your Mind With Positive Affirmations

Exercise Your Mind With Positive Affirmations

Exercise Your Mind I Am Affirmations

When gyms closed it was all too easy to just stop moving. The new year has us feeling renewed (at least slightly) so we’re making it our intention to hit our Tuesday Zoom Pilates class and Friday Peloton session every.single.week. Baby steps and consistency is how goals are reached! But it’s not just your bod that needs a new fitness routine. Your brain spent just as long in lockdown which is why we think you should exercise your mind just as much as you do your abs.

A great way to rev it back up is with daily affirmations: simple, positive statements declaring specific goals in their completed states. Think “I AM HAPPY” rather than “I WILL BE HAPPY”.

The repetition of the affirmations and using the present tense will enable your brain, specifically the unconscious, to build your confidence aka keep your brain fit. Just like putting those Bala Bangles double-up on toning your legs every time you do Melissa Wood Health class. You don’t need them, but DAMN do they make a difference.

Simple, small, and empowering mantras to exercise your mind holds the key to unlocking the life of your dreams. Maybe you’ve heard of a little something called the Law of Attraction? Affirmations are just one step towards getting everything you desire.

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Here Are Some of Our Favorite Affirmations to Get You Started

“I don’t sweat the small stuff”
“I am my own superhero”
“I will not compare myself to others”
“My self worth comes from within”
“I am enough”

Hear more on affirmations and mantras on Episode 01 of The to be honest, tho… Podcast, The Importance of Finding a Girl Squad with Kelli Oakes, where we dive into the practice.

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