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How to Get Away Without Showering After a Workout

How to Get Away Without Showering After a Workout

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A perk of being a solopreneur is freedom. I get to set my own schedule and for me that comes in the form of squeezing afternoon workouts in often. Classes are never crowded and I have so much energy at that time of day. Usually, I can power through my favorite boxing sesh and leisurely stroll home to shower and have lunch before my next call but there I days I have to pull it together quick.

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Stepping foot into shared showers in gym locker rooms brings me back to college dorm life. It was gross then and it hasn’t gotten any cuter. But I can’t let my phobias keep me from skipping workouts so I found a solution to get me into the locker room and off to a meeting in under 15 minutes.

a millennial woman sporting gym attire with a post-workout sweat glow; she is using an alternative for showering; a shower wipe

To Get Away Without Showering After a Workout when I’m in a pinch I keep a few emergency “Walk Out Clean” Shower Wipes from Dulcalm in my gym bag. They are thick and luxurious cleansing towelettes infused with marshmallow root extract, Aloe, Oat, and Cucumber extracts specifically designed to give you a speedy refresh anytime.

The size is great and big enough to wipe down your whole body. The best part is that they are unscented, paraben, alcohol, sulfate, and phthalate-free.

A lifesaver when you’re in a hurry and want to get away without showering!

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