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Finding a FWB: 6 Tips on Navigating Casual Relationships

Finding a FWB: 6 Tips on Navigating Casual Relationships

Stumbled upon an eye-opening post in a Facebook group where daters openly share their app experiences. A contributor penned a thread on navigating casual relationships without emotional baggage. If you’re caught in the dating whirlwind, these tips could be a game-changer.

Personally, I believe in the reciprocity of energy, and nurturing your sacral chakra—often associated with creativity, passion, and pleasure—can not only open the door to opportunities but also enhance your allure. An activated sacral chakra fosters a more approachable vibe, keeping your energy flowing and your mind free from desperation in the complex world of dating.

While the FB thread was crafted by a late twenty-something, this wisdom is even valuable for women 35+—whether single or freshly divorced—seeking guidance beyond the usual red flags and horror stories or manifestation vision boards. Consider these little wisdom nuggets from a savvy 27-year-old as the potential secret sauce you’ve been looking for.

Here are 6 tips to navigating casual relationships without emotional baggage by someone who’s mastered the art.

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  1. Dealbreaker

    Choose someone who you’re attracted to but they have at least one big dealbreaker of yours. For instance, prioritize qualities that align with your values but include a significant dealbreaker to prevent emotional attachment.

  2. Limit Communication with Your FWB

    Set boundaries. Avoid communication outside of sexy time. Clarify and maintain boundaries by limiting communication to the essentials, preventing potential confusion and emotional entanglement.

  3. Set A Timer

    Don’t overstay your welcome. Keep encounters time-bound, avoiding unnecessary complications by leaving shortly after the intimate connection.

  4. Keep A Rotation

    Date other people. Engage in proper dates and get to know others in order to differentiate between serious prospects and those interested solely in a physical relationship.

  5. Socialize Outside of Your Casual Relationships

    Have a life outside of hooking up and dating. Cultivate a multifaceted life with friends, family, and hobbies to minimize dependence on casual relationships for emotional fulfillment.

  6. No Strings Attached

    Avoid taking things personally and keeping tabs on your FWB. Maintain a detached perspective, understanding that casual relationships involve no strings attached, reducing the likelihood of feeling rejected or overly attached.

Wherever you are on your dating journey, just remember that it doesn’t just have to be black and white with relationships. There is space to play in the grey area and that’s where casual relationships come in. Just remember to embrace meaningful boundaries, cultivate your own vibrant life, and navigate all of it with lightness! This type of relationship may not be for everyone but it is important to know they are there and you have options. It’s not all or nothing. There’s a rich spectrum to explore.

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