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If You’re a Millennial, Pluto Square Pluto is the Saturn Return of Your Late 30s

If You’re a Millennial, Pluto Square Pluto is the Saturn Return of Your Late 30s

Pluto Square Pluto millennial midlife crisis

Having completed your Saturn Return, the entrance into adulthood around age 30, you are now looking at your midlife transition. Almost 10 years later, when you reach your late 30s and early 40s, you reach a significant turning point in life called the Pluto Square Pluto transit where you are given the opportunity to release the past and evolve further into your own authentic self.

Saturn return is the one you’ve heard of by now if you’ve started to explore spirituality but Pluto Square Pluto and three others are just as significant but not many mentions them. They are:

  • Neptune Square Neptune
  • Uranus Opposition
  • Saturn Opposition

Elder millennials (those born 81-89) will experience the four phases from the approximate ages 36-45. Earlier generations did not experience them until they were into their 60s (!!). This is possibly why many of us are starting to feel “the swerve” in our late 30s.

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The 4 Major Transits of Your Transits of Your Late 30s and Early 40s

Pluto Square Pluto

Starting around 36 and ends when you enter your 40s, depending on when you were born. Anything from your past that is holding you back from growth may be taken away from you, sometimes in a ruthless or painful way. Take note of the people who resist your life changes and the ones who help you on your evolutionary journey. It’s a time to take a cold hard look at your life and sort out the old from the new. You must evolve now and leave the decaying past behind to create something authentic.

Neptune Square Neptune

This transit takes place immediately after the Pluto square Pluto transit between 40 – 42 and sometimes they overlap depending on when you were born. After the upheaval work of Pluto, we can feel lost and confused or in a haze which is why this is known as the “Fog of Life” transit. Neptune is all about illusion, confusion, and the obscuring of reality. It’s a time to accept, surrender, and go with the flow of our spiritual journey. The inner work you do during the previous transits will make this one easier. In this phase, you will either find meaning through your existence and accomplishments or you will escape reality and delve into addictions with sex, drugs, alcohol, or lying.

Uranus Opposition

The so-called “mid-life crisis”. It happens to all of us between 42-44 at the halfway point of our life cycle and is often experienced as a kind of a mid-life checkpoint, or better yet a wake-up call and time when we have the potential to see our life and ourselves from a new vantage point. You’ll come out this knowing where you need to exercise more individuality and independence.

Saturn Opposition

When these three phases have finished their wild ride with you, the final and serious transit joins the fray for the final lesson around the age of 44/45. The nature of the Saturn Opposition is limitations, restrictions, structures, discipline, reality, and resistance.

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What You Might Experience In This 8 Year Phase

This eight-year stage of our existence presents some challenging, difficult, and often painful situations in our lives. By being aware of this now you can make beneficial changes. Some areas we may suffer in from 36-45, especially if you have unresolved trauma with family relationships, work situations, or failed attempts to try to pursue an authentic life are:

  • Depression and mental illness
  • Rage and anger
  • Bone and teeth ailments
  • Physical illnesses

Midlife phases mean a major re-evaluation of the value and meaningfulness of our lives. This re-evaluation is much like a birthing process, transforming life from one phase to the next and defining how we are going to live the second half of our life.

At times the changes can be so profound we hardly recognize the person we were before. This process, both excruciating and exhilarating, is a re-birthing, a redefining of who we are that brings us into profound communion with our spirit. And just like being born, this phase can be marked by alternating periods of tremendous pressure, turmoil, and intensity (the contraction), interspersed with calm (the relaxation) and, finally, excitement as something new and promising comes into existence.

What we want to focus on here though is the first transit of transformation we undergo in our late 30s, the Pluto Square Pluto transit. It is one of not only transformation but destruction and control in order to empower us to know our own power, power in the work, and our limits.

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How to Work Through Your Pluto Square Pluto Transit

During the Pluto Square Pluto transit power must be used judiciously and not harm, but to lead. You have to be more authentic in your life. Where you have been playing around and not being serious, you will get serious now because everything will come to ashes around you and you will need to rebuild. You will FEEL power being used against you if you are not taking life maturely. Even if you have not been manipulating or misusing power, you will experience power plays in some arena of life and you must handle it and your response carefully. Karma comes and sits on your doorstep and you cannot escape.

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The Lesson You Will Learn from Your Pluto Square Pluto Transit

The lesson here is to learn how and when to use your power in the areas in question.

You are not required to be what someone else wants you to be; the requirement now is that you sift through the mire, and dig through the ashes so you can discern what remains that you can use. You will lose things you thought you had to keep (a job, a membership, a bad relationship, a habit or method, etc.) but you will not be left with absolutely anything.

In some way, the people and situations that arise during this Journey of Depth are a sign of death (death of the old you) are ones for which you can be quite thankful. There is a purging happening and you are being forced to shed behaviors and attitudes that do not fit the best you that is evolving into existence.

Pluto Square Pluto will take you to emotional and spiritual depths you thought you would never experience. You may even feel your life and purpose is dying. You may have a hard time imagining that anything in your life could be good after this period of time.

What to Expect When The Transit is Complete

Pluto will transit to an exact square three times to get the point across about what needs to change in your life and how you are to do it, regarding power. When it is finished with you, this planet will have taught you valuable life-long lessons about handling yourself.

You will be even stronger and much wiser in the areas affected. If you steel yourself against it and resist making changes, you will feel physically and spiritually worn. Be brave and plunge into the depths. Face the darkness, but most of all, face YOUR darkness.

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