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#SquadSays: This is Where to Buy Affordable Art

#SquadSays: This is Where to Buy Affordable Art

Decorating an apartment or home seems like a neverending activity. Is it ever really done? I know this as I’ve been in my apartment for 6 years, my longest New York City relationship to date. Throughout this time in my West Village studio, I’ve gone from all-white no personality Ikea laminate to Urban Outfitters clearance rack boho festival throwup and whatever else I could pick up in between. The one constant has always been my artwork. I had pieces shipped from my old apartment in Chicago that I just can’t and will never part with. Now, as I start to have a bigger design budget, a grasp on my “adult” style, and feel like New York City is really my HOME (yes, it took almost a decade!) I feel like it’s time to add on to my budding collection but where to buy affordable art?

To get some ideas on where to go we hit up our #squad for their top picks. Read ahead for a great list of for where to buy affordable art online and off for $500 and under.

Silka Weiss

Silka wearing a white dress next to photo of a dining room with a series of photos
Interior Designer
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Her pick: “I love Saatchi art- unique art from all around the world direct from the artists themselves. They have vintage options as well. And many different styles and mediums.  Uprise art- more curated, current art. A lot of clean and modern looks. Prints with sayings and graphics. Another great art place is Anthropologie.  They are constantly changing their stock and offer more romantic and bohemian options.”
Find her on IG: @SilkaWeissDesign

Jen Talbot

Jen wearing a black upper garment while sitting in a chair; affordable art in a photo next to her
Interior Designer
Location: Chicago, IL
Her pick: “Etsy, Instagram, and Local MFA thesis shows”
Find her on IG: @JenTalbotDesign

Ashley Prybycien

 Ashley wearing a pink hat with a pink sweater blouse; a bright couch with abstract photos in the photo next to her
Location: Los Angeles
Her pick: “I love getting art from flea markets and local artists. I also create art and use vista print to blow up my designs”
Find her on IG: @dancingwithflyingcolors

Liz Martin

Liz is wearing a tan hat with a brown strap and a red dress with some jewelry; hexagonal carpet pattern in a living room
Location: Charleston
Her pick: “I mostly buy art locally, and we sell some at our shop called Cannon Borough Collective. So I usually buy local or shop small-Etsy or small boutiques.”
Find her on IG: @charlestonweekender

Monica Dimperio

Monica is wearing tan jeans with a white shirt and black leather jacket; there are photos behind her and in the living room photo next to her photo

Founder of Hashtag Lifestyle
Location: New York, NY
Her pick: “I bought a Havenly Mini package to help me reign in all the ideas I have into one cohesive concept. Through that process, I learned about how many places there are online now to source independent artist’s work on a budget.”
Find her on IG: @MonicaDimperio

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