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How to Style Brown Corduroy Pants Like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

How to Style Brown Corduroy Pants Like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

Embark on a captivating journey through my style evolution, where the timeless allure of corduroy pants seamlessly weaves into the fabric of my fashion story. Picture this: grunge era Monica in wide wale, wide-leg corduroys paired with a baby tee – a nostalgic nod to Alternative Era. Fast-forward to when AG JEANS revolutionized the game with a magical, body-slimming “Angel” style that had everyone hooked. I was a retail girlie there and had every color. Now, here I am, circling back to corduroy, influenced by a couple of pivotal moments, ready to decode how to expertly Style Brown Corduroy Pants and usher in a new era of winter fashion in 2024.

High Rise '70s Flare Corduroy Pants with Washwell

Why Should You Get a Pair of Brown Corduroys?

Firstly, the 70s resurgence is undeniable, and secondly, I’m downright enamored by the timeless vibe of Carolyn Bessette. Envision low-slung, brown, boot-cut corduroy pants gracefully meeting a sleek black turtleneck – Carolyn’s signature effortless cool personified.

Corduroy, my fashion MVP, exudes a functional coolness that resonates confidence. It transcends the ordinary, blending chic aesthetics with warmth, making it the quintessential winter wardrobe essential. Corduroy isn’t just a fabric; it’s a gateway to that preppy, wholesome Kennedy world that shaped my admiration in the 90s.

My favorite brown corduroy styles right now are milk chocolate with a flare. Here are three pairs I’m loving.

How to Style Brown Corduroys

Get ready to witness the corduroy revolution; it’s about to take over every fashion scene. Whether you’re leaning towards rich jewel tones or solid neutrals, corduroy acts as the anchor that ties your entire look together. For that coveted CBK vibe, here’s the magic formula to Style Brown Corduroy Pants:


Club Monaco Julianna Wool Blend Turtleneck

Opt for the timeless charm of a classic cashmere crew or the sophisticated allure of a black turtleneck to replicate this iconic CBK outfit. Attention to detail is key, especially when it comes to the neck roll of your turtleneck – aim for a slender profile to avoid feeling engulfed.

Consider the Julianna Wool Blend Turtleneck from Club Monaco, priced at $79 (originally $98, with an extra 30% off the sale price through 01/24). Its tasteful thinness strikes the perfect balance for a polished look without overwhelming your silhouette.


Balance the rich brown tones with black by incorporating elegant tortoise accessories, achieving a subtle yet impactful contrast. To effortlessly emulate this CBK-inspired outfit, opt for oval shades. While designer sunglasses may be tempting, the 90s StylePolarized Retro Oval Sunglasses from VANLINKER, priced at just $15 and backed by close to 2,000 5-star reviews, offer unbeatable value.

Explore other ways to infuse the tortoise theme into your ensemble, such as through a watch band, belt buckle, and a chic hair accessory.


The moto style is a timeless classic, but a modern twist reminiscent of the ’90s is embodied in the black leather blazer. The pairing of two luxurious fabrics, leather and corduroy, creates a harmonious blend akin to bread and butter, infusing an edgy touch into your ensemble. Opting for a single-breasted design aligns with current trends.

While leather can be a significant investment, Quince has made quality pieces accessible for everyone. The Leather Blazer from Quince is priced at just $199, ensuring you can indulge in this stylish essential that’s bound to become a lasting wardrobe staple.

If you want to go faux, the Wayf Veronica Faux Leather Blazer from Saks is just $82!

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Wynter 75MM Leather Loafer MulesStep up your height and elevate your style game with chunky mules – a choice Carolyn would undoubtedly endorse, reminiscent of many block heels she favored.

Adding a heel brings a touch of flair. Not only does a heel cater to the length adjustment most women seek for a bell bottom style pant, it also creates an illusion of longer legs. The Veronica Beard Wynter 75MM Leather Loafer Mules, priced at $140, are a steal for those looking for a chic yet affordable option.

However, if you’re in the mood to splurge, consider the Prada Chocolate Platform Loafer Mule at $1,120.


Alt image 1 for Elisabetta Croc Embossed Handbag

Opt for the pinnacle of practicality blended with style by choosing a spacious black leather tote – embrace the Birkin-level fabulousness. Personally, I adore The Elisabetta Croc Embossed Handbag from Mark and Graham. Priced at $379 and monogrammable, its mock croc texture exudes sophistication, adding a touch of elevated style. Similar vibes is the DeMellier’s The Midi New York Leather Tote Bag, $510. Its modern yet timeless silhouette and subtle luxury finish makes it the perfect day bag.

The aim is to channel the spirit of an original ‘it’ girl who bagged the hottest Kennedy. If a Birkin is out of reach, go for whatever makes you feel truly RICH and undeniably HOT AF.

Embrace the timeless charm of brown corduroy pants in 2024 with these styling tips. As we usher in the resurgence of this classic piece, let’s raise a toast to the unmistakable style of Carolyn Bessette. May your wardrobe be a tribute to elegance, sophistication, and the enduring influence of iconic fashion.

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