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Where to Find Luxury Furniture Dupes That Will Save You Money

Where to Find Luxury Furniture Dupes That Will Save You Money

Luxury Furniture Dupes

There are places to invest when decorating your space and places to save. You ultimately decide what’s is important for you. A vintage Morrocan rug and one of a kind art piece might be your splurges, for example. Then you have to allocate what’s left on your budget to other necessities but you won’t always be able to pay the high price. That mindset is what got me to start looking into luxury furniture dupes, duplicate products for a fraction of the cost.

I was living in my West Village studio so it was inevitable that anyone who entered my apartment would see my bed. It was an important item of furniture. I fell in love with the Stella brass bed frame from West Elm. It was $1,099. As much as I loved it, that’s not where I wanted to break a chunk off of my budget so I started to investigate.

As I went down the Luxury Furniture Dupes rabbit hole I found the Julianna Platform Bed on Wayfair which looked strikingly similar to the bed I wanted. When it arrived I was skeptical. When I received it I had a moment of weakness where I almost called a task rabbit but I felt emboldened to put my big girl bed together myself. Four hours later the build was complete and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

I saved myself about $850 which I happily used in other areas of my apartment.

Looking to save money on home decor?

Here is a list of online furniture stores where you can find luxury furniture dupes for your next abode.

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