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In and Out for 2024: Monica’s List

In and Out for 2024: Monica’s List

What’s In and Out for 2024? As seasoned Marketer, Brand Builder and former Trend Spotter I have a forecast for the year ahead. I think we’re embracing three main themes: nostalgia, authenticity, and a connections that…hit different.

Our brains are still doing a dance to make sense of post-pandemic life and suddenly, in 2024, everyone’s on a quest for a life with more depth.

In a world blasting with digital noise, we’re finding comfort in ’70s vibes—badminton rallies and jazz beats. Why? Because authenticity is the jam. Natural hair colors are the new #nofilter, and brown is the new black. Au natural, baby!

No more shallow likes. Communal living, adulting celebrations, and actual phone calls are back in style. Scalp spas are our zen dens, and shroom-cations? Well, let’s just say travel is getting groovier.

Maximalism is making a comeback—it’s not clutter; it’s abundance. Sorry, Marie Kondo.

Fish tanks are our window to zen, and singles are becoming fish-parents. Move over influencers; tastemakers are in. Politics, aesthetics—everything is getting a shake-up.

Why this shift? Because people are over settling for scraps and solitude in a world that is supposed to have so many resources.

2024 is a year where every choice is a mic-drop statement and every experience is a vibe check for connection and depth.

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Here is my full list of what’s In and Out for 2024…


  • Badminton
  • 70s everything
  • Silver nails
  • Men’s perms
  • Digital Sobriety
  • Scalp Spas
  • Communal Living
  • Jazz
  • Shroom-cations
  • Maximalism
  • Numerology > Astrology
  • Fish tanks
  • Celebrations for #adulting milestones
  • Phone calls
  • Sea-cuterie boards w/ tinned fish
  • Chat GPT as your BFF
  • Capri pants (unfortunately)
  • Brown > Black
  • Your natural hair color-ish


  • Oat Milk
  • Online Dating
  • Silver Pants
  • Espresso Martinis
  • Plant Mom as a personality
  • The word Delulu
  • Elderly white male presidents
  • Barbie-core – Bleach blonde hair, Pink
  • Being fake nice
  • The Roman Empire
  • Making everything a Girl-thing
  • Influencers (fake) < Tastemakers (real)
  • Basic Bitch-core – Uggs, Stanleys
  • Swelce
  • Google as THE search engine
  • Settling for scraps

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