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Talking Honestly with Maggie Love of SheFi, Cryptocurrency Education for Women

Talking Honestly with Maggie Love of SheFi, Cryptocurrency Education for Women

The promise of blockchain to build more inclusive and resilient financial systems is what initially excited Maggie about blockchain technology in 2016. With the emergence of decentralized finance aka DeFi, she now sees this opportunity coming to reality and wants to ensure women can be active participants and leaders, which prompted the launching of SheFi.

SheFi is a course that teaches women about a new DeFi project every month.

  • Funds are raised with the aim of making a donation to a non-profit organization that will be released at the end of the course;
  • During the program, this fundraising is included in several DeFi projects that the group learns about;
  • Sessions are held on Zoom, they are recorded and then shared;
  • By collecting funds, women are not using their own personal savings, the group is practising with the money they have already agreed to give away.

Why should women care about DeFi? Building wealth isn’t always easy, unless of course, a person has a certain amount of wealth and financial literacy to begin with. DeFi broadens access to wealth building tools and services by enabling anyone anywhere with an internet connection and a small amount of capital to onboard without an arduous KYC or approval process. With DeFi, the opportunity to build personal wealth is unprecedented in terms of financial gains and accessibility. Women can take ownership of and grow their financial power and confidence with DeFi tools and services.

Maggie is also Co-founder and Director of Business Development at W3BCLOUD, a joint venture between Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD), and ConsenSys. W3BCLOUD is building a global network of high-performance data centers built to enable Web 3.0 and the blockchain economy. While at ConsenSys, she has driven ventures, partnerships, and client engagements. Maggie joined ConsenSys from IBM Watson.

She is passionate about reimagining and building new business and societal models with blockchain that are based on decentralization, resiliency, inclusiveness, and trust.

When Maggie isn’t working, she spends her time dancing, DJ-ing, and hosting album listening sessions.

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