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Why Prenatal Vitamins are the Key to Fertility After 35

Why Prenatal Vitamins are the Key to Fertility After 35

Ah, the good ol’ brunch days where we’d spill the tea on our 20s, mastering the art of dodging pregnancy with birth control acrobatics and maybe a Plan B or two. But now? Brunch talks have upgraded from fertility After 35 IUD debates to full-on discussions about IUIs.

What’s even wilder is it’s not just the married crew hashing out these convos; even singles are brainstorming about egg freezing, keeping that dream of a future family alive – despite still having a FWB. Makes you wonder – maybe sex ed should cover more than just celibacy. How about some schooling on nurturing our reproductive systems through the decades of our lives?

Regardless of where we fall on the parenthood spectrum, keeping our fertility After 35 game strong is a big deal. Menopause is coming for all of us, right? So, here’s the kicker: making those prenatal vitamins a daily ritual is like having a secret weapon.

Speaking of which, my gyno spilled some truth bombs during my recent fertility check at the ripe age of 40. Even with the option to have mini-me’s still on the table, she made it clear – treating my reproductive system like VIP is just plain smart.

Now, let’s dive into the prenatal universe. When you decide to get on the baby train or just start thinking about it (maybe at 35+), besides the usual gyno visit and waving farewell to birth control, it’s time to bring in the prenatal vitamins. Predicting the pregnancy timeline is like predicting the weather – unpredictable. So, getting a head start on those prenatal vitamins is a crucial part of fertility After 35 preconception care.

And if you spot that positive sign on the pregnancy test, don’t dilly-dally. Your OB-GYN might throw a specific brand or a prescription your way, but every day counts, especially in that first trimester.

Now, why start the vitamin routine before the pregnancy script? Pregnancy does a number on your body, and your tiny fetus becomes a nutrient vacuum. So, prepping your body before the baby bump shows up is the savvy move to make sure both you and your bundle of joy get all the necessary nutrients.

Think of it like building up a nutrient stockpile: loaded with the right vitamins and minerals, you’re ready to share the wealth with your growing baby.

Now, onto the real MVPs – the essential nutrients in prenatals, especially during that crucial first month:

  1. Folic acid: The OG of prenatal nutrients, crafting your baby’s neural tube – the brain and spinal column. Start with 400 mcg daily before pregnancy and up it to 600 mcg once pregnancy is confirmed.
  2. Iron: This powerhouse supplies blood and oxygen to your fetus, helps build the placenta, and gives you the extra blood volume you need. It’s the guard against anemia, tied to premature delivery and low birth weight.
  3. Calcium: Your baby’s busy building bones and teeth in your uterus. For this task, they need loads of calcium, which means you need it too. Slacking on calcium? Your baby will swipe it from your bones, causing temporary bone loss.

Now, you might wonder if there are any downsides to popping prenatals when you’re not pregnant. Generally, they won’t wreak havoc, but they’re loaded with nutrients designed for pregnant individuals. If you’re not in baby-making mode or 35+, you can hold off until you really need them (like a few months before planning pregnancy, during pregnancy, and often during breastfeeding).

But hey, there are some added perks too. Some swear by prenatals as a beauty secret, thanks to biotin, a B vitamin. Truth be told, studies haven’t solidly backed up these claims – it’s more in the realm of anecdotes.

Apart from biotin, prenatals with DHA can give you a dose of omega-3 fatty acids for your baby’s brain and eyes. You might also score some thyroid-regulating iodine for your baby’s nervous system.

Plus, some research suggests that taking prenatals might up your chances of getting pregnant faster. They’re not a magic fix for fertility After 35 issues, but the nutrients in prenatals help regulate the body systems that make pregnancy happen.

Tips for Picking your Daily Prenatal for Fertility After 35

  1. Regulatory oversight: Ensure some legit organization has given the thumbs up to your vitamin’s health claims. The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements, so look for nods from groups like the Office of Dietary Supplements or the U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention.
  2. Doses: Check the nutrient amounts, like iron and folate, against recommended levels. You don’t want too much or too little.
  3. OTC or prescription: Some insurance might cover prenatal costs if you get a prescription. If yours does, it could save you some cash.

If you’re puzzled about which vitamin to snag, hit up your doc for advice. And hey, we’ve got some thoughts on the best prenatals too – just saying.

Got the Prenatals but feeling funky? Here’s some wisdom:

  1. Switch brands: If your vitamins aren’t vibing with you, ask your doc about trying a different brand.
  2. Try a different form: Prenatals come in capsules, beverages, gummies, and shakes. Switching things up might make them easier on your stomach.
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Drinking water before and after can help with any stomach weirdness. And if constipation is hitting you, add a fiber supplement with your doc’s OK.
  4. Play with food: Nausea kicking in? Try taking your vitamins with or without food – experiment till you find what works.

So, the bottom line? If you’re serious about baby-making soon, pop those prenatals.  Already preggo? Start ’em ASAP for a strong and healthy babe (and you). Otherwise, stick to a daily folic acid supplement – it’s the low-key move that covers your bases if pregnancy isn’t on your radar but could be – or baby plans surprise you.

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