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#SquadSays: The Best Rooftops In NYC Are…

#SquadSays: The Best Rooftops In NYC Are…

If you don’t Instagram it were you even there? That saying was made for #rooftopszn. Of course, enjoying a drink with friends in the free air with skyline views is the main reason to hit up one of the best rooftops in NYC but let’s be honest getting a pic of your Frosé with the Empire State Building in the background for your ‘Story is at the top of that list.

We tapped a few local NYC influencers to give us their hot take on where to get the best shot (and shots) in the city.

Stephanie Chang

Stephanie Chang with PhD rooftop in the evening; there are shrubs around black couches for lounging
Fashion photographer
Her Pick: PhD Rooftop
Why she likes it: Not only does PhD have a rooftop with comfy looking seats, but also the inside becomes a club so you are getting the best of both from clink to crunk!
Find her on IG: @stephbcphoto

Emily Becker

Emily Becker; with NYC rooftop Berry Park; the rooftop is busy and overlooks lower manhattan and the east river

Blogger at Ampersands & Attire
Her Pick: Berry Park | 4 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Why she likes it:  Berry Park is for all you Brooklyn-ites who want an extensive European beer list and quaint vibe!
Find her on IG: @emmbecks

Emilia Paludan

Emilia Paludan; with Le Bain rooftop with artificial grass; looking over NYC

Her Pick: Le Bain @ The Standard Hotel | The Standard, High Line, 848 Washington St, New York, NY 10014
Why she likes it: Le Bain’s turf and pink seating is perfect for sunny Manhattan photoshoots and spontaneous hotel check-ins are available!
Find her on IG: @emiliapaludan

Monica Dimperio
Monica Dimperio standing on a rooftop; to the left of the collage is The Crow rooftop overlooking NYC

Hashtag Lifestyle #GirlBoss
Her Pick: The Crown | 50 Bowery, New York, NY 10013
Why she likes it: The Crown offers a luxurious feel in the happening atmosphere of Chinatown with a breathtaking view. Need to revamp your feed? This is a good starting point!
Find her on IG: @monicadimperio

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