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Use Relocation Astrology to Help Plan Your Pandemic Road Trip

Use Relocation Astrology to Help Plan Your Pandemic Road Trip

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In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, many Americans are making a mass exodus out of big cities and they have a big question on their mind, “where do I go next?!” …aside from their parent’s house. This looming question brought us to seek out an astrological tool called Astrocartography (aka relocation astrology). It is one of several methods of locational astrology, which claims to identify various facets of life (think career, money, love, community) through differences in location. This is done by placing your personal natal birth chart on a map of the world.

Wild concept, right?

I’m of the mindset if you can work remotely why invest in an expensive apartment when there are larger, more affordable accommodations in a b-market? Think Boulder, Nashville, Charlotte. This is top of mind for many Manhattanites and big-city dwellers.

Though some can’t just up and move.

The thought of more space for your buck is amazing but binding leases and non-existent savings accounts are very real reasons it’s impossible.

Two other ways to bring the energy of astrocartography into your space when you can’t move: decor and ROAD TRIPS! Book an Airbnb, pack a bag, and GTFO of the city.

I spoke with Steffi Hill, also known as the Spirit Sis, on the podcast about using relocation astrology right now to plan your pandemic road trip, big move, and even decor on the podcast. While she is a jane of all spiritual trades (psychic medium, intuitive energy healer, human design expert) she really knows her stuff when it comes to astrocartography.

Before you <listen to the podcast>, here is a primer on the modality and how you can start incorporating it into your practice.

Astrocartography Map Plan Pandemic Relocation

Astrocartography 101

Astrocartography is a unique astrology modality developed by Jim Lewis in the 70s. It uses your natal chart to create a personalized map showing the planetary influences in specific regions based on your birth details. Astro-cartographers use these maps to advise on living, traveling, finding love, and career prospects. It can also highlight places to avoid.

By examining your individualized astrocartography map, you’ll see numerous lines representing planetary positions. For example, the Venus line symbolizes love. However, it’s important to consider other factors and conjunctions to determine the strength of the energy.

To fully understand how these map lines and angles affect you, seeking guidance on’s AstroClick Travel feature or from a professional astrologer, like Spirit Sis, is recommended. Once you grasp the impact of specific locations, the world opens up to endless possibilities.

Meanings of Relocation Astrology Map Lines + Angles

+Planetary Lines

If you do decide to DIY and run your relocation astrology chart here is a quick overview of the energetic effect each planetary line:

  • Sun: Boost your confidence and become the star of the show. Prepare for popularity and even a shot at fame.
  • Moon: A place to be your authentic, vulnerable self, where emotions take center stage.
  • Mercury: Think retrogrades and communication mishaps. This line highlights self-expression, intellect, and travel. It’s like Switzerland—neutral.
  • Venus: Looking for love? This line rules romance, love, beauty, and money. Feel extra attractive and abundant here.
  • Mars: Embrace your inner warrior. This line fuels passion, athleticism, assertiveness, and, well, sex. But be ready to fend off unwanted attention.
  • Jupiter: Double the success, wealth, and socializing. This lucky line can turn you into a community figure.
  • Saturn: Brace yourself for hard work and delays. This line tests your perseverance but brings valuable life lessons.
  • Uranus: Prepare for electrifying energy, but it can also trigger anxiety. Your inner rebel might seek freedom.
  • Neptune: Living here feels like a lucid dream. Imagination runs wild, but be cautious of distinguishing reality from fantasy. Watch out for addictive tendencies.
  • Pluto: It’s a challenging line, confronting deep issues. Expect intense upheaval, isolation, and pain, but also remarkable spiritual growth opportunities.


There are four lines used in Astrocartography and they are referred to as the cardinal points. When you pair these angles with your planetary lines you’ll get an interesting sense of what lessons or energies you might experience in a particular part of the globe.

See Also

  1. Rising or Ascendant (AC): Your rising line is associated with your outward personality, the way you appear to others out and about in the world. You’ll identify with the energy of whichever planet(s) was coziest to your ascendant at the time of your birth.
  2. The Descendant (DC): The descendant line speaks to your relationships with others.
  3. The Imuni Coeli (IC): The IC line is associated with your origins, your home, your family, security, and how that foundation influences your identity. It has a reflective influence.
  4. The Medi-Coeli/Midheaven (MC): The MC line reflects social standing, public reputation, who we are—or aspire to be—at our peak level of success.

Use Relocation Astrology to Move – Literally and Figuratively

 Now you know how this all started and you can probably even pull up your map it’s time to make some decisions! In this case, we’re trying to figure out where you will adventure to or live next but to be clear, you don’t actually HAVE to be moving or traveling. You just might want to bring in some new energy into the space you’ve been quarantined in. 

Bring your map up and take a little time to think about where you might want to travel to or live. Cross-check the energy in those areas by clicking on them. A pop up comes up with insight as to what it will feel like there. Be sure to include the harmonious and disharmonious lines. Zoom in to places you have been that you’ve loved to see if the info resonates with previous experiences.

If you are intrigued by this but you can’t move at this moment bring the energy from the places that serve you through artwork, furnishings, music, and colors.

For example, if there is a Venus AC line in Morocco -you’re clearly not traveling or moving there in 2020 – kick up your socially distant connections and cultivate your self-love while in isolation by getting a Moroccan rug, pillows, or a tajine to cook with.

There are so many incredible ways to bring energy in from locations around the world if you think outside the box.  

The Bottom Line

You’re still you, wherever you go. Relocation astrology is not a magic bullet. It’s simply a way to key into the energies of a given location, which might influence you in a particular, preferable way. You will still need to make the effort to change or accept new opportunities that cross your path. By understanding and applying astrocartography, you might be able to better understand yourself—and find the best place to spend your next life chapter.

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