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SXSW Wellness Expo – Meet the New Class of Self-Care Influencers

SXSW Wellness Expo – Meet the New Class of Self-Care Influencers

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Are you heading to SXSW this year? After a two-year hiatus, their Wellness Expo returns to the fest! On March 12 and 13 at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, the Wellness Expo will connect health-conscious SXSW attendees with companies and self-care influencers in the ever-growing wellness industry through discussions and classes.

Fuel your mind, body, and soul at the all-day, weekend-long exhibition presented by Seedlipa sophisticated alternative to alcohol made with distilled botanicals.

The SXSW Wellness Expo features three distinct programming areas: Wellness Expo Stage, Fitness Stage, and Conscious Conversations Stage.

Even if you can’t attend IRL, take a peek at the lineup and check out the thought leaders and wellness trends on the rise.

SXSW Wellness Expo Stage

The SXSW Wellness Expo Stage will be the biggest and have some of today’s most influential self-care influencers in the Wellness industry speaking. Presented by Purple Mattress, it’s no surprise that sleep will be a big topic of discussion. Other areas that will be covered are a deep dive into the roots of humanity, how we as a collective society find connection, balancing energy, finding purpose in your day, and more!

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  • Roots: The Infinite Definitions of Nature & How we Connect to it//w. Ben Branson – SeedLip, Scott Briscoe – WeGotNext, Isaias Hernandez – QueerBrownVegan, and Julia Momosé – Kumiko

    Roots are the beings, experiences, places, and feelings that have not only connected us to nature but have also molded us into who we are today as individuals. Just like the roots of a tree feed it nutrients to grow, our roots do the same for our personal development as we collectively work together to strengthen the collective roots of shared humanity. Hear stories of adventure, activism, and connection from the entrepreneurs on the panel.

    MEET | SeedLip, WeGotNext, QueerBrownVegan, Kumiko Skincare

  • The Power of Human Connection//w. Simone Heng

    As the world mourns the loss of human connection as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic we’re being asked to connect with others in more challenging ways than ever before. Join human connection specialist, Simone Heng, for a special talk which celebrates the power of human connection to heal what we’ve lost. In this powerful session, you’ll learn why we need Human Connection skills, how to identify the authenticity of a connection, and building rapport to create trust amongst other things.

    MEET | Simone Heng Speaking Pte Ltd

  • Creating Balance Through Ritual//w. Jean Devlin

    Creating balance in our lives is important, but how we do it and maintain it so that we are functioning from a place of optimum mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing? Rituals are ancient tools that help us tap into our internal wisdom and guidance systems. Through ritual, we can access the deepest parts of our intuition. Jean Devlin, Body Collective CEO and Co-Founder will discuss ways to increase intuition, techniques to balance feminine/masculine energies, and provide examples of daily rituals that can be integrated into your self-care routine.

    MEET | Body Collective

  • The Art of Creating a Digital Detox//w. Steve Schwartz

    A discussion led by Art of Tea CEO and Founder, Steve Schwartz, on the power of creating purpose and ritual to your day. Learn how the simple act of preparing tea can focus the mind inward, deepening the senses and allowing for increased mental clarity.

    MEET | Art of Tea

  • Wellness Has a Whiteness Problem: A Conversation//w. Jennie Bender – Fit2Vote, Carolina Bolinger – Flow Yoga, Fonzy Hernandez – Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Briona Jenkins – Briona Jenkins Consulting, and Camila Matos – Camila Matos Yoga+Wellness

    Over the last two years we’ve seen a big push for diversity, equity, and inclusion, but the wellness industry has fallen behind on making real steps towards change. In an industry of ever-changing expectations, fad diets, and wellness solutions, diversity has been treated as just another trend. What do we need to do to expand wellness for all?

    MEET | Fit2Vote, Flow Yoga, Fonzy Hernandez, Briona Jenkins Consulting, Camila Matos Yoga+Wellness

  • How to Biohack Your Sleep//w. Keegan Allen – Actor and Michael Breus – The Sleep Doctor

    In this session, Dr. Michael Breus, PHD, Purple’s Chief Sleep Advisor and guest moderator, Keegan Allen, will discuss how to biohack your sleep to better optimize your life. He’ll cover everything from how your chronotype impacts the best time of day to perform certain activities to timing caffeine consumption for optimum energy levels to hacking daytime naps. You’ll leave this session with the tools you need to improve the quality of your sleep and wake up feeling well rested and ready to tackle the day.

    MEET | Keegan Allen, The Sleep Doctor, Purple Mattress

  • The Future of Health & Wellness: Convenient, Connected, and At-Home//w. CJ Frogozo – Daily Harvest, Dominic Madori Davis – Business Insider, Robert Mordkin – LetsGetChecked, and Mark Mullett – Obé Fitness

    The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated a cross-industry trend to serve customers from the most convenient location possible: their homes. This panel of self-care influencers explores the new challenges and incredible opportunities at-home fitness, healthcare, health conscious meal delivery, and more have to offer today’s consumer and why the trend is here to stay.

    MEET | Daily Harvest, Business Insider, LetsGetChecked, Obé Fitness

Fitness Stage

Get your heart pumping and your body moving at the SXSW Wellness Expo Fitness Stage. Overlooking beautiful Lady Bird Lake and the picturesque Austin skyline, the Fitness Stage, presented by athletic clothing brand, Vuori Clothing, lets you experience free fitness classes for all levels from world-renowned instructors and self-care influencers. Classes include yoga, boot camp workouts, strength and circuit training, and more.

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  • Find What Feels Good//w. Adriene Mishler

    This session is designed to inspire mindful and intelligent connection, leaving you feeling stretched out and centered. Adriene’s style of yoga derives from a diverse pool of influences, all designed to help improve physical, emotional, and cultural well being.

    MEET | Yoga With Adriene

  • SoulFULL Somatics//w. Sade Jones

    Change how you move, change how the world moves around you! Sade offers her expert knowledge in embodiment using elements of yoga, meditation, and Afro Dance. All with the backdrop of a funky-soulful playlist. More than a workshop — it is an experience. Clear your mind, ground your feet, open your heart and ignite your soul!


  • Feel Good Heal Good//w. Melody Afkami

    Melody leads a high energy, dance fitness experience that takes the intimidation out of dance by focusing on the internal release and feeling joyful in your body. MDF emphasizes letting self judgment go and empowering yourself through music and movement.

    MEET | Melody Dancefit

  • Body by Amid//w. Amid Archibald

    Looking for that high performance energy rush that leaves you fueled for the rest of the day? Push past the limits you thought you had. Embrace how truly powerful you can be. Join Amid Archibald, Master Trainer, 4th Dan Master Instructor, Tae Kwon Do, and all-around lovable guy for a class that’s high energy and full of surprises. Amid is well-known for keeping it fresh, positive, loud, tough, and fun!

    MEET | Amid Archibald

  • Reset, Recharge, Restore//w. Gustavo Padron

    A 45 minute yoga class designed to reset, recharge and restore your body and mind. This class is rooted in conscious breathing and mindful movement, making it accessible for novice and seasoned yogis.

    MEET | Gustavo Padron

  • Hip Hop Yoga Flow-stival//w. Alondra Smith

    Set to the sweet sounds of Hip Hop, join Alondra as she leads you through a fun-filled yoga experience designed to be welcoming and inclusive of all levels. You’ll flow through the basic fundamental postures of Vinyasa Yoga but don’t expect this to be a basic class. Add in challenges, experiment with modifications and inversions, or remove any postures that don’t serve you.

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    MEET | Deeper Than Poses

  • Liberation Through Movement//w. Raina Gradford – Soulshine Yoga ATX and Lily Shepard – Lily Shepard Moves

    Movement is medicine and through this dance and drum experience participants are invited to take a journey. We will celebrate the joy that gets released when the body moves with awareness and honors the intuitive rhythm of the soul. This is an all-levels experience that will elevate your vibe and root the mind through rhythm and restoration.

    MEET | Soulshine Yoga ATX, Lily Shepard Moves

  • Flow and Meditate//w. Mandy Millican

    An approachable and mindful Vinyasa flow class. Tune into the mind-body connection with 50 minutes of breath-based, energizing movement followed by a 10 minute relaxing guided meditation, all set to a SXSW-inspired playlist. You’ll leave this all-levels class feeling revitalized, refreshed, and ready for more fest.

    MEET | Mandy Millican

Conscious Conversations with Self-Care Influencers

Whether you’re new to wellness or looking to explore a new concept, you will enjoy the intimate-sized group discussions and interactive demos with approachable topics from new thought leader in the space. Explore how painful moments blossom into purpose, learn techniques to foster deeper internal and external connections, and be guided through a series of journaling prompts focused on shifting your words to inspire and empower. SXSW Wellness Expo Conscious Conversations Stage is presented by Lifeway Kefir, the tart and tangy cultured milk smoothie with 12 live and active probiotic cultures.

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  • From Pain to Passion//w. Alondra Smith

    An intimate conversation about how Yoga helped one woman regain her power and self-confidence during a dark time. Now, her mission is to “…empower those like me. To remind you that you don’t have to be a certain size, shape, color, gender or age to practice Yoga. To encourage you to show up to every space confidently. Yoga is no exception.” Through transparent conversation and guided techniques, explore how painful moments blossom into purpose.

    MEET | Deeper Than Poses

  • Mindfulness in Action//w. Alec Brownridge – Amala Foundation and Jacob Fisher – Outdoor Foundation

    What is mindfulness to you? Many of us associate mindfulness with things like meditating and going on retreats. But mindfulness is so much more. Through engaging activities and thoughtful discussion with these self-care influencers, we’ll explore how mindfulness can cultivate a greater understanding and change for ourselves, our communities, and the world. Take home learned techniques to foster deeper internal and external connections.

    MEET | Amala Foundation, Outdoor Foundation

  • #PositiveSelfTalk: Journaling to Heal//w. Raveen Johnson

    We each have our own unique healing journeys and sometimes we beat ourselves up for the lessons we’re learning along the way. In this workshop, you’ll be guided through a series of journaling prompts focused on shifting your words to inspire and empower. Then, in this space created for community, connection, vulnerability and humaneness, you’ll have time to share and discuss with one another. You’ll be aided through the process with guided meditation and breathwork as a part of your experience. Make sure to bring your journal and pen!

    MEET | The Raveen Alexis

  • Healthy Body, Healthy Gut, Healthy Mind: The Surprising Connection//w. Allie Hope – Wellth Ventures and Karena Sahaidachny – Tone It Up

    Join us for a moving conversation inspired by over 30 years of bringing gut healthy probiotics to the masses. You’ll begin the session with recovery-focused mindful movement, part stretch and part meditation, led by Karena Dawn, founder of Tone It Up and The Big Silence. Then hear a discussion between Karena and Allie Hope of Wellth Ventures, two of the leading self-care influencers in health and wellness, as they explore self-care through the mind-gut connection.

    MEET | Wellth Ventures, Tone It Up

  • Rest Your Nervous System//w. Brooke Binstock, LMSW 

    One of the kindest things we can do for ourselves is to learn nervous system regulation. In this experiential session, you will learn how to address your body, mind and spirit with more gentleness and compassion. Expect some guided movement, breathwork, visualizations and a facilitated discussion.

    MEET | Open Circle Healing

  • Becoming Truly Trauma-Informed//w. Kelly Marshall and Kewal Hausmann

    There is a lot of dialogue shared in wellness communities about becoming trauma-informed through various techniques, theories, and methodologies. Expect an intimate and vulnerable conversation with self-care influencers about the ways people participate in wellness via their personal lived experiences, the intersections of identities, and how biased viewpoints are sometimes the biggest barriers to healing and wholeness.

    MEET | Transforming Wellness

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