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18 Denim Jackets Under $200

18 Denim Jackets Under $200

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For the next two months, we’ll be asking ourselves, “Do I need a jacket?!” more often than not. Let’s get in front of it with a Denim Jackets Under $200 before the Spring season (or lack thereof) ends.

Jean jackets are always a good wardrobe essential because they just look good with everything from skirts and dresses to pants or a denim-on-denim Canadian tuxedo moment. There are a few different categories when it comes to picking out a denim jacket -basic, sherpa, and oversized.

I searched and sought and found some of the best denim jackets out there. Here are 18 of my fave denim jackets for under $200.

+Basic Denim

Everyone needs a basic denim jacket in their wardrobe. Start with a medium wash, perfect crop full sleeve denim that is timeless and classic. This will go with every and any flowy, dress or skirt. Then add a white or black into the mix.

+Faux Fur Sherpa-Lined Denim

When the weather starts to get a little colder and you need the extra warmth a faux fur sherpa-lined denim jacket is a must. My personal favorite layer that is cozy and adds vintage flair to a look.

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+Oversized Denim Jacket

An oversized denim jacket is more relaxed and comfortable than the other jackets. While they are perfect to pair with a basic tee and jeans this is not a must-have item. If you love baggier styles this is for you.

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